Building Full-Service Community Schools

The FSCS Task Force is creating a comprehensive definition of full-service community schools based on existing models and community insights; assisting schools in evaluating their own FSCS readiness and building school capacity for FSCS implementation; and developing a five-year strategic plan to transform OUSD into full service community school district.

In order to achieve this work, a Task Force has been assembled consisting of 25-30 representatives from the District and community. Community participants represent organizations with strong existing partnerships with the school district. Task Force members will meet weekly or bi-weekly throughout the Fall and Winter 2010-11.

Community engagement is a primary strategy to inform the work of the FSCS task force, and will consist of three sequential elements:

1. Listen to voices from a continuum of schools that have seeded the FSCS model, in order to understand the successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

2. Consult with key stakeholder groups and programs, through participation in standing stakeholder group meetings, in order to capture input on the components and needs of a full service community school and district.

3. Engage and inform the broader OUSD community through community gatherings focused on the FSCS concept, existing local efforts, and community needs.

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