Letter from Chair


Dear Concerned Community Member,

We all know that the success of Oakland's high schools is critically important. Our high school graduates represent Oakland's futurethey are our community's new workforce, our new leaders, our new teachers, our new scientists, our new entreprene,urs, our new merchants and retailers. The success of the young people in our community matters to all of us, in many significant ways.

Students in our high schools represent promise and potential, opportunity, and innovation, and we are deeply committed to ensuring that every single one of our students graduates ready to be successful in post secondary education and training, as well as a rich and rewarding career. We know that we have much work to do to unlock their potential and get some of the barriers out of the way that are holding them back.

The Secondary Experience and Achievement Task Force needs your commitment and involvement to ensure that we are successful in supporting high school transformation in Oakland. We invite you to get involved! We know that we have to do some things differently so that students stay engaged and feel supported throughout their high school experience. Join us in our efforts to develop shared understanding about the key improvement initiatives we need to pursue. Help us to develop the recommendations and implementation plans that will make a difference to the young people who deserve the very best that our education system can offer them. Nothing less than a coherent, coordinated effort that includes community partners, parents, teachers, students, administrators, and education advocates is good enough for Oakland's youth. Together, we can certainly make it happen.

On these web pages you will find information about the work of the Secondary Experience and Achievement Task Force. You can review what we have achieved so far, and submit your perspectives, contribute your ideas for improving the graduation rate, and add to the growing bank of information and resources about what works in Oakland's High Schools. No one person has the answer to the complex questions that surround effective high school education, but together we can craft a formidable response!

We look forward to working with you. 

Brigitte Marshall

Director of Adult and Career Education

Oakland Unified School District