School Self-Reflection Guide

For a successful school quality review, and especially for a successful three-day site visit, we want to ensure that both the school community and the School Quality Review Team are prepared.

The School Self-Reflection is a tool that enables the school community to “warm up” for the process, by asking the key stakeholders of the school to reflect on what they think are the strengths and challenges of their school. The tool prepares them for the kinds of questions that will be asked by the SQR Team. Especially if a wide variety of stakeholders are involved in the School Self-Reflection, the tool functions as a practice review for the school.

The School Self-Reflection is a tool that also enables the SQR Team to “warm up” for the process. The Team learns what the school community thinks its own strengths and challenges are, in answer to the kinds of questions the Team will be asking. The tool prepares the Team to understand the school’s context and thereby to engage with the school community in a more authentic and thoughtful way.

Data and Document Review Guide

The Lead Evaluator for the SQR Team works with the school to ensure that the school has the necessary documents available in the room where the team will be working. Except as indicated, please provide two sets of all materials.