School Quality Review (SQR)

Highlights of Year 1 Implementation

  • Completed a rubric-based assessment tool for each of the School Quality Standards
  • Trained approximately 60 OUSD staff members (primarily principals, teachers on special assignment, and other administrators) in the School Quality Review (SQR) process and tools
  • Formed 15 SQR Teams to conduct school reviews this year
  • Nine elementary and six middle schools have been selected for this first year of School Quality Reviews
  • Nine schools have completed the data gathering stage of the SQR process (sites include: Roosevelt Middle School, Burckhalter Elementary School, Lafayette Elementary School, Urban Promise Academy, Westlake Middle School, Madison Middle School, Chabot Elementary School, Garfield Elementary School, and EnCompass Academy)
  • SQR teams currently in the process of completing analysis and writing of findings