The Fate of Mutual Matching

Teacher seniority rights remain intact in Oakland's public schools

February 21, 2012

By Katy Murphy, The Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News

Seniority rules and teacher transfer rights will remain intact in Oakland Unified this year, despite the
superintendent's call for a change.

The recent debate in Oakland has centered on the transfer of displaced teachers -- those whose schools have closed, whose positions have been cut or who are returning from leave. Traditionally, those teachers have chosen their new job from a list of openings for which they are eligible, with the most senior employee having the first pick and principals having little to no say.

In Most Bay Area schools, high-profile school reform ideas remain hypothetical

February 13, 2012

By Katy Murphy, The Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News

"Other states have ended seniority-based layoff rules and transfer policies, she said. 'The question is: "Is California going to be in the middle of the curve, or is California going to come through kicking and screaming?" '  In the Oakland school district, a push by Superintendent Tony Smith to overhaul the teacher transfer policy remains at a standstill.


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