Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

OUSD is proud to offer pathways representative of eleven different industries. Please click on the links below to read industry descriptions and access the pathways offered within the industry.

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

The Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector offers a broad range of employment opportunities. To be successful in these careers, self-discipline is a must. Work is often project-based, requiring time management skills with the ability to meet strict deadlines. Industry specific academic studies are needed to understand and keep up with changing technology used in this industry. A broad academic background and interpersonal skills are also valuable. Participating in the arts promotes creativity, teamwork, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities.

Career Pathways:

Computer Science and Technology Academy (Skyline High School) CPA

Performing Arts Academy (Skyline High School) DCCP

Media Enterprise Alliance (Met West High School) ROP

Visual Arts & Academics Magnet Program VAAMP (Oakland High School) CPA

East Oakland School of the Arts (Castlemont High School) DCCP

Building Trades and Construction

Do you like to build things? Are you comfortable working on a project until all the pieces fit together? If you answered yes, the Building Trades and Construction Industry Sector may hold the career for you. The pathways provide opportunities with a variety of construction skills, directly associated with completing building projects. High school curriculum in this sector integrates academic and technical preparation and leads to hands-on, work-based instruction. Project and work-based instruction offers opportunities in work experience, community classroom, or other internship types of instruction.

Career Pathways:

College Preparatory Architecture Academy (Fremont High School) CPA

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Remember your favorite teacher? How that teacher influenced your life? With a large number of employees predicted to retire from education, child development, and family services in the next decade, a wealth of career opportunities will be available. You may impact others as your favorite teacher impacted you. If you think you'd enjoy teaching children from preschool to high school, or you want to be a college professor, this sector is for you. Jobs are available for all levels of education. Training combines classroom instruction with hands-on community work experience.

Career Pathways:

Education Academy (Skyline High School) CPA

Energy and Utilities

Utilizing renewable energy and sustainable resources will impact our future for generations to come. Hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear power are part of the current resources, but what new energy technology might the future hold? Doing more with less will likely be a focus of future research and development. Pollution created by energy and utility use poses a significant challenge for environmentalists and scientists now and in the future. Improving the recycling of waste materials from trash to sewage will offer many employment opportunities in the Energy and Utilities Industry Sector.

Career Pathways:

Environmental Science Academy (Oakland High School) CPA

Green Academy (Oakland Technical High School) CPA

Green Energy Academy (Skyline High School) CPA

Engineering and Design

The Engineering and Design Industry Sector is ideal for students who are drawn to problem solving and a creative drive to design new ideas. If you are passionate about the environment and have innovative ideas for renewable energy or water treatment, or you have the next hit attraction for an amusement park in your head waiting to be designed, this sector could be your path to success. Student attributes for success in this sector include strong problem solving and analytical skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and a strong work ethic.

Career Pathways:

Engineering Academy (Oakland Technical High School) ROP

Engineering/Project Lead the Way (Oakland High) DCCP

Fashion and Interior Design

Who will create the next fashion trend? Could it be you? Someone will be creating their own fashion statements and creating the styles which appeal to millions of fashion conscious shoppers.

The Fashion and Interior Design Industry Sector is a multibillion-dollar enterprise offering a wide variety of careers. Don’t think just in terms of the creative art portion of the industry, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution are related areas necessary for a designer to be successful. A particularly high demand exists for preproduction jobs involving computerized pattern making and product data management. Interior designers will also be in demand to accommodate a growing population’s need for residential and commercial space. Technology is a significant and growing component in the design industry. Self motivation and confidence, as well as creativity are traits that lead to success in this sector.

Career Pathways:

Fashion Arts and Design Academy (Far West High School) CPA

Health Science and Medical Technology

Health care is one of the fastest growing career sectors. The Health Science and Medical Technology Sector requires academic and technical skills, as well as the related knowledge necessary for the field. These careers range from entry level to management, including technical and professional specialties. Workers in this field need the knowledge and ability to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective health care. Nearly half of the careers in this area require professional level preparation. Specific skill sets needed usually include chemistry, physics, math, and biology plus communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Many careers require state certification or credentials.

Career Pathways:

Health Academy (Oakland Technical High School) CPA

Biotech Academy (Oakland Technical High School) DCCP

LIFE Academy of Health & Bioscience (Life Academy) CPA

Sports and Exercise Science (Skyline High School) DCCP

Information Technology

Are you comfortable around computers? If you like working with computers and other technology, this career sector could be for you. Information technology careers involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services. This career sector offers diverse career paths; you can take the skills learned in these pathways and apply them to any sector of our economy. With organizations continually integrating sophisticated technology into their companies, the employment opportunities for technology support specialists is expected to grow.

Career Pathways:

Computer Academy (Oakland Technical High School) CPA

Computer Science and Technology (Skyline High School) CPA

Multimedia Academy (Oakland Internatinal High School) DCCP

Marketing Sales and Service

Do you like to shop for yourself and others? Do you think you would be good at selling the merits of a product or idea? The Marketing, Sales, and Service Sector provides an opportunity to learn the techniques of transferring products or services to consumers. As California businesses compete in the global marketplace, the need for employees with business expertise and the ability to analyze and respond to emerging trends will continue to grow.

Career Pathways:

Business and Information Technology School (Castlemont High School) ROP

Public Services

The Public Services Industry Sector provides a foundation for students interested in being involved in their community and serving the public’s interest. Careers in this sector often attract people who want to help their fellow citizens and make improvements to the communities they serve. Careers range from public safety to community outreach, and everything in between. Because of heightened interest in homeland and border security, employment growth in this sector is projected at over 20% in the near future.

Students engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation and focuses on career awareness, exploration, and skill preparation. Community service, internships, and work experience go hand in hand with classroom instruction.

Career Pathways:

Media, Law, and Democracy (Skyline High School) DCCP

Mandela Law and Public Services Academy (Fremont High School) CPA

Public Health Academy (Oakland High School) CPA


Transportation plays a crucial role in our society because moving people and goods is central to everything America does. Vehicle components and systems will continue to become increasingly sophisticated which, in turn, will require well-trained operators and maintenance and repair technicians. Examples of future transportation technology include rocket technology, super-capacity jet airplanes, hybrid, bio-diesel, and hydrogen fuel-cell technology involving automobiles and trucks.

Career Pathways:

Global Trade Academy GTA (McClymonds High School) CPA

California Partnership Academy (CPA)

District Pathway (DCCP)

Regional Occupation Program (ROP)