Sample CSSSP Attendance Program Page

Even more than a tool, the Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP) is intended to facilitate a process where the principal, teachers, students, parents, and community partners come together and make collaborative decisions on how best to serve the students at that school.  These teams come together to review and analyze data, develop a theory of action for the site and its particular program areas, identify strategies to address key areas, 

The following attachment gives an example of a completed program section - Interrupting Chronic Absence (Attendance) - of the Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP).  It includes two examples: one of a "robustly-completed" program page, and one of a "minimally-completed" program page.  Recognizing that schools will develop into Full Service Community Schools at their own appropriate pace, schools have been placed in one of three lanes - Emerging, Developing, and Thriving - which detail whether their site plans should be a "robustly-completed" or a "minimally-completed" program page.  This is all part of our effort to structure expectations for schools in an appropriate way that recognizes where schools are at in their development.

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