CSSSP Template (Elementary, Middle, High Schools)

Attached are the full Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP) templates for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. You can use these templates to get a better understanding of what the CSSSP is and what information will be included in all schools' plans. The actual CSSSP is a web-based tool that is completed online, however, once school plans are completed and approved by OUSD's Board of Education, they will be made available to the public.

Community_Schools_Strategic_Site_Plan_CSSSP_ELEMENTARY_SCHOOL_11_17_2011_vFinal.pdf1.68 MB
Community_Schools_Strategic_Site_Plan_CSSSP_MIDDLE_SCHOOL_11_17_2011_vFinal.pdf1.71 MB
Community_Schools_Strategic_Site_Plan_CSSSP_HIGH_SCHOOL_11_17_2011_vFinal.pdf1.71 MB