CSSSP Differentiated Outcomes and Support

Through this new Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP), the District has an opportunity to provide differentiated types of support in service of schools. While our goal is to have high-quality community schools for all students, in the Strategic Plan, we recognize that schools will move at at their own appropriate pace to get to that point; some schools are already operating as Full Service Community Schools, while others are just starting to understand what it takes to become a community school.

To that end, we have identified three different lanes - Emerging, Developing, and Thriving - to help schools understand the expectations for what and how much of the CSSSP they should complete in the 2011-12 school year, as well as the type of differentiated support that schools in these three lanes should expect to receive. The attached document clarifies what the three lanes are and the types of outcomes and supports for schools.

We realize that not all successful Full Service Community Schools in Oakland will look the same, so we are dedicated to supporting every school in a meaningful way that is targeted and most beneficial to the school and its students.

CSSSP_Differentiated_Outcomes_and_Support_1_23_2012.pdf255.35 KB