Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP)

Dear OUSD Staff, Parents, and Community Members,

Together we are celebrating our collaborative efforts in serving all children in every neighborhood by providing high quality community schools where children, adults, and community thrive. We are committed to creating and sustaining a district of community schools capable of supporting the unique needs of each child and to link caring school communities with Oakland neighborhoods across our city. We believe that each child in Oakland must be ready to succeed in college and careers that lead them to healthy and happy lives. With these beliefs we are engaged in creating a Full Service Community School District filled with Full Service Community Schools. Every school will act as a resource and service hub that connects with local partners to help build healthy and vibrant schools and communities.

In this spirit, we are launching a new Community Schools Strategic Site Plan. The Community Schools Strategic Site Plan (CSSSP) is closely aligned with the larger organizational strategic plan, Community Schools, Thriving Students. In addition to satisfying compliance requirements and guiding the allocation of categorical funds, the CSSSP will be a multi-year road map for each school to become actualized as a Full Service Community School. This new school site plan has been developed by a team of cross-departmental leaders in OUSD under the advisement of principals and community leaders. All school communities will complete the Community Schools Strategic Site Plan in 2011-2012 as the first step in the development of site priorities for the 2012-2015 school years.

To lead these efforts, each site will create a Community School Leadership Team, whose body will incorporate members of each site’s School Site Council (including English Language Advisory Council (ELAC), the principal, parents, teachers, staff), and in secondary schools, the team will also include a student member. Additionally, each school will recruit their afterschool partner, as well as another key community partner, to become members of the Community School Leadership Team. This leadership team will drive the development of the CSSSP for their school and will be supported through a collaborative engagement process.

We are excited about supporting every school community to collaborate in service of building Full Service Community Schools across Oakland. As leaders of a Full Service Community District, we are committed to providing the conditions for this critical work to happen. I thank you for your engagement, leadership, and commitment to supporting the development of community schools and thriving students across Oakland.


Tony Smith

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