Panasonic Foundation Partnership


Panasonic’s investment with partner school districts is long-term. They have been involved with some districts for more than a decade. The foundation has selected Oakland Unified to be a partner district in its Leadership Associates Program (LAP). Their long-term services can include substantial systems analysis, leadership coaching and development, and strategic consulting on a wide range of district reform areas including instructional quality, effective operations, and labor relations.


About the Panasonic Foundation

The Panasonic Foundation partners with public school districts and their communities to break the links between race, poverty, and educational outcomes by improving the academic and social success of ALL STUDENTS: ALL MEANS ALL. Since 1987, the Panasonic Foundation has worked in long-term partnership with large urban school districts in the United States to help them become what would be, in essence, new systems of equity and quality in which all students are educated to high levels—in every school, in every classroom, and regardless of background.