College Board Brings EXELerator to Oakland High Schools


Oakland Accelerates will bring College Board’s EXCELerator framework for District-wide Change to Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), to help OUSD in its ongoing efforts to dramatically improve its graduation rate and to graduate students ready for post-secondary success without remediation.

Developed in a partnership between the College Board and the Gates Foundation, EXCELerator was designed to help all students enter the pipeline to post-secondary education, with a particular focus on students who have historically been underserved. EXCELerator strategically develops the capacity of teachers, administrators, and counselors so that they can better support student achievement.

The EXCELerator framework includes a District Diagnostic process to help identify and prioritize needs throughout the district. Results of the Diagnostic will guide the collaborative development of a Road Map for change in OUSD overall and within specific OUSD secondary schools. Based on this Road Map, College-Readiness Specialists will work throughout OUSD, providing professional development, intensive instructional coaching and mentoring, and other expertise, to effectively change the practices of adults at every level of the district, equipping them to provide a rigorous education to every OUSD student, increase student interest in and access to college, and better support students’ needs.

Oakland Accelerates’ objectives center on improving student achievement and college-readiness outcomes, especially for African-American and Latino students who currently have the greatest college-readiness needs, and building the district’s current and long-term capacity to support and prepare all students for post-secondary success.

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