Collaborative Partnerships

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Oakland Unified School District is working with three of its key partners–College Board, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), and Panasonic Foundation–to develop a structure for a collaborative partnership that seeks to align our collective work in a way that furthers the progress and impact made on the District’s Strategic Plan.  Each of these partners brings a unique perspective in a way that supports OUSD’s goal of ensuring a high quality instructional core, developing social, emotional, and physical health, and creating equitable opportunities for learning.  By aligning our partners in this way to achieve collective impact, OUSD is taking steps towards modeling the collaborative leadership and partnership necessary to develop Full Service Community Schools for Oakland’s youth.
While still a work in progress, the desired outcomes of this collective partnership are:
1. Alignment of District Focus:
a. Cross-fertilization of outcomes
b. Support among partner organizations
c. Integrating the learning
2. Become a Learning Organization and Make it Visible: Opportunity to systematically model how we become a learning organization
3. Efficiency: Leveraging partnerships in the context of limited resources
4. Coherent Communication: Ongoing and reciprocal communication
5. Accelerating Impact for Students: Eliminate duplicate processes