FSCP Leaders Present "The Oakland Planning Story" at National Forum

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May 10, 2012 - 3:30pm

panelists.JPGThe Coalition for Community School's 2012 National Forum has kicked off this week in San Francisco.  The theme of the conference, "Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships," dovetails with much of the work that has united OUSD staff and partners in this first implementation year.

This morning, at the second day of the Forum, leaders from the Family, School, and Community Partnerships (FSCP) Department presented "The Oakland Planning Story," a concurrent conference session detailing the 2010-11 work of the OUSD Task Forces. Their session provided an overview of the process Oakland's community, leaders, and partners used to come together to create the Community Schools, Thriving Students Strategic Plan.  Panelists included Coordinator of the Elev8 Initiative Andrea Bustamante, Former Executive Officer of Complementary Learning Jane Nicholson, Associate Superintendent Curtiss Sarikey, and the CEO of the Urban Strategies Council Junious Williams. Nicholson, Bustamante, and Williams all play key roles in the work of the Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) Task Force, while Sarikey now heads Family, School, and Community Partnerships—the department charged with implementing the work of the FSCS Task Force.

The group spoke to a room of about 100 conference-goers, representing a range of school stakeholder groups from cities across the nation, including teachers, non-profit leaders, site and central office administrators, and union representatives.  Each speaker reinforced the idea that for Oakland, the process of coming together as a community through the work of the task forces was as important as any deliverable or product, if not more so.  The task force process was key to changing the way community engagement happens in Oakland, and panelists reflected that it provided the necessary foundation to build authentic partnerships with school stakeholders.

curtisssarikey.JPGDuring a question and answer session, conference attendees remarked on the unique nature of the OUSD's heavy involvement in driving the change toward community schools. One participant remarked, "Most of the examples presented this week have been of intermediaries leading the process, rather than district employees."  Others had questions about which types of data had been most crucial to the data-driven planning process, and how it was acquired. In small group break-outs, school leaders from cities across the country echoed similar difficulties in developing legal agreements that provide for data-sharing across public agencies.

Please use the links below to download the agenda and presentation slide deck for "The Oakland Planning Story." Click here to view the work of the 2010-11 Building Full-Service Community Schools Task Force.  If you would like more information about the conference session or its content, contact Andrea Bustamante at andrea.bustamante@ousd.k12.ca.us.


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