Additional Opportunities to See OUSD Leaders Speak at the Community Schools National Forum

May 11, 2012 - 11:45am

Saturday, May 12, marks the close of the Coalition for Community Schools 2012 National Conference in San Francisco.  The day's programming includes five opportunities to hear OUSD students, staff, and partners share their experiences in the first year of work to implement the Strategic Plan.

During the first set of concurrent workshops, which begin at 8:45 am, MetWest student Bella Montoya, Bunche student Donovan Reid, McClymonds student Stephen Vance, and Oakland High students Lily Dinh and Tony Robinson will each take part in "Meaningful Student Engagement to Strengthen Our Schools," a panel discussion of how they have included student voice in efforts to improve their school communities. The students will detail how they are providing feedback, helping to re-shape districtwide plans, and creating a difference in their communities. Click here for more information about OUSD's work to improve student engagement.

Also at 8:45am, OUSD Behavioral Health Coordinator Babara McClung and colleague David Yusem will present "Rethinking the Role of School Discipline by Promoting Positive School Climates." Their workshop provides a new framework through which schools can deliver discipline, as well as provide a set of restorative principles and practices to support, heal, and engage at-risk students and families. They will address the nationwide trend of black, brown, and poor students being disproportionately disciplined and pushed out of school settings across our county, state, and country. Click here to read more about restorative justice in schools.

"Community Schools Strategic Site Plan: Aligning Site Plans to the District Vision" is another workshop scheduled for the 8:45 am concurrent session. In this gathering, a diverse group of Oakland leaders will speak to their aspirations, successes, and the pitfalls faced as they engaged in a major organizational transformation effort in launching the Community Schools Strategic Site Planning (CSSSP) Process. Additionally, they will provide an overview of the CSSSP online tool. Panelists include Regional Executive Officer Kimi Kean, Director of State and Federal Compliance Susana Ramirez, Elev8 Initiative Coordinator Andrea Bustamante, Technology Services Project Manager Tracey Logan, and Executive Director of Research, Assessment and Data Jean Wing. Click here for additional resources on CSSSP.

Later in the day, conference participants will have a chance to learn about School Based Health Centers in Oakland. Program Manager Mara Larsen-Fleming will take part in "School-Health Center (SHC) Integration: Tools and Tips for Integrating Your SHC into the Core Work of Schools." This workshop, developed by OUSD and numerous partners, is scheduled for 10:15 am. Click here for an overview of School Based Health Centers in OUSD schools.

Concurrently, another OUSD group will present a new tool for Oakland: Opportunity Mapping.  The OUSD data framework has shifted to a focus on the whole child. "Healthy Kids, Healthy Oakland: Expanding Community Schools Data Frameworks through Opportunity Mapping" will demonstrate the ways in which new data can inform place-based analysis that highlights disparities in opportunity across the city, thereby allowing allocation of resources to schools and students with the greatest need. Panelists incude Jean Wing and Juan Du of the OUSD Research, Assessment and Data Department, and District Cartographer Susan Radke. Click here to view the Opportunity Mapping tool.