Core Curriculum for College & Career Readiness

Participation vision: The Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction (LCI) department, in partnership with teachers, principals, parents, community-based organizations and district partners, is conducting monthly meetings to ground the direction of the Core Curriculum Task Force, review progress, and give feedback. Participation includes approximately 26 teachers, five members of the special education department and other departments, four representatives from higher education, 10 site leaders, and 10 representatives from various organizations and community groups. Recruitment efforts are focused on developing a solid base of expertise and gathering the input of a broad range of stakeholders.

Work Structure:

  • Lead team analyzes Common Core Standards, researches state recommendations and practices in other districts regarding implementation of Common Core Standards, as well as plans and facilitates monthly stakeholder meetings.
  • Stakeholder team gives input regarding the alignment with what currently exists, as well as contributes to the creation of guiding curriculum documents for Math and ELA grades K-12.
  • Production team, which includes content specialists from LCI, will create and revise curriculum documents based on feedback of stakeholder team.


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