Participant List

Below is a list of participants for the Operations and Finance Task Force.  Each task force has a different working structure. Participants contribute in various ways, including (but not limited to) attending task force meetings, work sessions, and focus groups, and/or conducting research, analysis, and planning, as well as supporting community engagement efforts on behalf of the task force. 

For more information on upcoming Operations and Finance Task Force meetings, please view our calendar page.  If you'd like to attend an event or get involved with our work in a different way, please contact Task Force Chair Artise Hardy at


  • Amanda Von Moose - Consultant/Project Manager, OUSD Technology Services
  • Artise Hardy - Director of Budgeting, OUSD
  • Barbara Gee - Human Resources, OUSD
  • Gabriel Valenzuela - Omsbudsman, OUSD
  • Gail Isserman - Human Resources, OUSD
  • Gee Kin Chou - Executive Director, OUSD Technology Services
  • Jackie Minor - General Counsel, OUSD
  • Jane Nicholson - Complementary Learning, OUSD
  • Joel Ross -  Contracts Manager, OUSD
  • Laura Goin - Executive Assistant, OUSD
  • Reginald Crowell - Risk Management/Benefits, OUSD
  • Roberta Saddler - Controller/Accounting Officer, OUSD
  • Sele Nadel-Hayes - Operations Support Manager, OUSD
  • Tara Guard - Coordinator, Human Resources Systems, OUS
  • Joanna Lugen or Representative - UAOS
  • Vernon Hal - Deputy Superintendent, OUSD Business and Operations