Options & School Choice

Membership Vision: In order to envision and create new policies and systems that will support the best outcomes for all students, the Options and School Choice Inquiry Team is comprised of parents, students, teachers, principals, community members, and other internal staff. District staff members serving on the Inquiry Team a) have systemic knowledge related to Options b) work directly with parents, or c) work directly with students. In addition, membership will be diverse, represent various Oakland neighborhoods, and include representatives of grade levels from PreK-College.

• The work of the Inquiry Team is divided into five progressive stages and requires a strong level of commitment and ongoing collaboration between members.
• A Community Orientation and recruitment event is scheduled for Monday, 11/1 at 6:30pm at Tilden.
• The team has 10 scheduled meetings, beginning on 11/15 and occurring approximately bi-monthly on Monday evenings through April 2011.
• Additional activities may occur as needed (i.e. community focus groups, surveying; etc.)
• Estimated size of Inquiry Team: 20-25 members

Other Engagement Opportunities
In addition to serving on the Team, community members can engage in the Options Inquiry by:
• Sharing their perspective, opinion, or experience via feedback forms that will be available at the Community Orientation and online.
• Contacting Anika Hardy directly with comments or questions.
• Participating in any scheduled activities such as focus groups or surveys.

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Anika Hardy
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