Participant List

Below is a list of participants for the Data Warehouse & Balanced Scorecard Task Force.  Each task force has a different working structure. Participants contribute in various ways, including (but not limited to) attending task force meetings, work sessions, and focus groups, and/or conducting research, analysis, and planning, as well as supporting community engagement efforts on behalf of the task force. 

For more information on upcoming Data Warehouse & Balanced Scorecard Task Force meetings, please view our calendar page.  If you'd like to attend an event or get involved with our work in a different way, please contact Task Force Chair Jean Wing at


  • Aaron Nakai – Community Educator/Researcher, Wangari Maathai Center
  • Al Haliburton – Service Team Assistant, OUSD
  • Chuck McKetney – Director, Community Assessment, Planning & Education (CAPE), Alameda County Public Health Department
  • Clifford Hong – Principal, Roosevelt Middle School, OUSD
  • Hedy Chang - Director, Attendance Works
  • Iris Winogrond - Concerned Citizen and Retired Teacher
  • Janet Brown Epidemiologist, Alameda County Public Health Department, CAPE Unit
  • Jean Wing -  Coordinator of Research, OUSD
  • Joanna H. Locke ­– Director, Health and Wellness, OUSD
  • Josh Jackson – Planner, MK Think
  • Juan Du - Statistician, OUSD
  • Juwen Lam - Coordinator of Assessment, OUSD
  • Kevin Smith - Data Team Coordinator, OUSD
  • Lynne Rodezno - Director of Early Child Education, OUSD
  • Michelle Oppen – Program Manager, Coordinated School Health, OUSD
  • Nathan Pellegrin – Research Analyst, Cal-PASS
  • Ofelia Asencios Mendoza – Early Childhood Education Site Administrator, OUSD
  • Robert Dousa – Program Specialist - Health Education, Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention Programs, OUSD
  • Sandra Witt - Deputy Director of Planning, Policy and Health Equity, Alameda County Public Health
  • Sean Heron - Director of the Department of Family and Community Relationships, Oakland Housing Authority
  • Shelly Kaller – Research & Evaluation Coordinator, UCSF
  • Sherry Congrave-Wilson – Education Program Analyst, Department of Family and Community Partnerships, Oakland Housing Authority
  • Steve Spiker - Director of Research & Technology, Urban Strategies Council
  • Susan Radke – OUSD Contract Demographer & GIS Analyst, Berkeley Geo Research Group
  • Tammy Lee – Community Epidemiologist, Alameda County Public Health Department