Participant List

Below is a list of participants for the Effective Teaching Task Force.  Each task force has a different working structure. Participants contribute in various ways, including (but not limited to) attending task force meetings, work sessions, and focus groups, and/or conducting research, analysis, and planning, as well as supporting community engagement efforts on behalf of the task force. 

For more information on upcoming Effective Teaching Task Force meetings, please view our calendar page.  If you'd like to attend an event or get involved with our work in a different way, please contact Task Force Chair Ash Solar at

  • Adriana Juareguy - Teacher, Skyline High School
  • Amy Boyle - Teacher, Coliseum College Prep
  • Anthony Cody - Coach, Team Science, Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction Department
  • Ash Solar - Manager, OUSD Talent Management Initiatives
  • Betty Olson-Jones - President, OEA
  • Deborah Gordon - Teacher, Oakland Adult & Career Education
  • Eleanore Stovall - Teacher, Fruitvale Elementary
  • Hilary Hayes - Teacher, Youth Empowerment High School
  • Hope Tolefsrud - Manager, BTSA
  • Flint Christenson - Teacher, Brett Harte Middle School
  • Gina Parish - Executive Director, OEA/CTA
  • Jeff Dillon - Recruitment Supervisor, Human Resources Services & Support
  • Jennifer Brouhard - Teacher, Glenview Elementary School
  • Jesse Shapiro - Teacher, Oakland High School
  • Kyla Johnson-Trammel - Administrator on Special Assignment, OUSD Regional Offices
  • Lisa Spielman - Manager, BTSA
  • Maria Santos - Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Leadership and Equity-in-Action
  • Mary Hill - Teacher,  Howard Elementary School
  • Memo Durgin - Executive Director, OEA/CTA
  • Rasheeda Turner - Teacher, Redwood Heights Elementary School
  • Renee Manrique - Teacher, ACORN Woodland Elementary School
  • Ruben Olivares - Teacher on Special Assignment, Think College Now Elementary School
  • Stan Pesick - Program Manager, Social Studies, Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction Department
  • Tammie Adams - Teacher, Brookfield Elementary School
  • Young Whan Choi - Teacher, MetWest High School