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To engage and empower teachers around leading the work of defining teacher effectiveness in OUSD, the task force is compromised primarily of teachers, along with a handful of district staff, OEA staff, and principals.

The task force is developing the broader teacher and community engagement process through which we come together to collaboratively define teacher effectiveness and to ensure that the necessary supports and conditions are in place for every teacher and student in every classroom.

A teacher convention including at least two teachers from every school is scheduled for late January to develop an initial draft of our framework for teacher effectiveness. From February through April, a series of community engagements will be held with teachers, students, parents, and community members to review and make recommendations around the first draft of the framework to ensure that all of our voices are represented in the final framework and recommendations.

In parallel to the community engagements, several task force subcommittees are charged with developing recommendations around the system reforms necessary to ensure that the appropriate supports and conditions are provided in alignment with the final teacher effectiveness framework.

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